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PremedFest: an event designed for you.  A day and a half dedicated to helping you get into medical school – focusing on your growth as a student, a person, and a future physician.

At PremedFest, you won’t just sit in a chair and listen to lectures.  You’ll participate in clinical skill-building sessions, contribute to conversations on justice and ethics, explore advocacy efforts, and talk with physicians from around the country about what the profession of medicine looks like today.  

You won’t find another event offering the same experience, information and camaraderie.  

  1. Get your questions answered about the MCAT, practice and get feedback on your personal statement, and sharpen your interviewing skills with experts.
  2. Hear about up-and-coming medical treatments and the changing faces of specialties.
  3. Gain suturing and other clinical skills in a friendly atmosphere.

PremedFest offers you a day and a half that lets you be you … on your journey to med school … surrounded by people who share your goals.